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Clemens Posch is a Designer based in Austria. With experience across a wide range of design disciplines, Clemens specializes in Digital Product Design, Art Direction & Branding, where he aims to bring complex ideas to simple solutions. As the Head of Design at Parkside Interactive, he fosters design excellence while bringing his expertise to collaborations with global giants such as LinkedIn, Rolls Royce, Shutterstock, or Red Bull.

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Clemens Posch, Front & Side View, Date Unknown, Photographed by Tim Ertl


Clemens’ design ethos is rooted in the synthesis of science and technology. He believes in deriving creative inspiration from innovative milestones and global culture. Whether leading a project, mentoring a team, or advising stakeholders, Clemens approaches his role with a combination of humility and expertise. His mornings are reserved for deep, focused work, while his evenings are spent cherishing moments with his family. It’s this balance that not only defines his work ethic but also his life.

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Clemens adopts a down-to-earth leadership approach, emphasizing team growth and practical results. He offers targeted coaching to help team members meet both client needs and industry benchmarks. Fostering a collaborative atmosphere, Clemens is consistently approachable and values each individual's contribution to the team.

As head of design, Clemens focuses on cultivating both strategy and talent. His coaching is grounded in a deep understanding of what clients need and what the industry expects. Colleagues value his calm presence in challenging times and his consistent effort toward achieving high-quality results. With a natural ability to foster teamwork and individual growth, Clemens helps to create a collaborative and positive workplace. To learn more about his approach and impact, read through all recommendations.


Parkside Interactive, Head of Design — 2021-Present
Parkside is a digital design & software engineering company.
The Company specializes in turning creative ideas and business strategies into innovative, state-of-the-art, and interactive experiences by merging product thinking, user-centric design, and technology.
In his role as Head of Design, Clemens is the primary driver of Design Excellence in the company and responsible for developing and managing all aspects of the design departments creative output. In addition, he is also responsible for furthering the people & skill development, cross-team collaboration and professional direction of the design department.
Parkside Interactive, Design Director — 2017-2021
In his role as a Design Director, Clemens oversees design projects, manages the design team and is responsible for Design Operations for clients such as LinkedIn, PicMonkey, Red Bull Media House, Lynda.com, RideAmigos, & more. His leadership and vision significantly shaped the design department's contributions, elevating the overall creative output and enhancing the company's design-driven culture.
Parkside Interactive, Senior Product Designer — 2017-2017
 In his role as Senior Product Designer, he led user-centric design efforts, mentored junior designers, and collaborated seamlessly across teams to create exceptional design solutions. He played a pivotal role in shaping the design strategy, conducting user research, and maintaining design quality throughout development. His creativity and expertise had a direct and significant impact on the product's user experience and visual appeal.
Michael Pachleitner Group, Lead Designer — 2014-2017
The Michael Pachleitner Group is based in Austria and one of Europe’s largest independent companies manufacturing and distributing optical goods. During his time at the Company Clemens worked on various Branding & internal projects as a Lead Designer in their very own inhouse Agency called MP Studio.
luffup, Designer — 2012-2014
luffup is a bureau of communication design where Clemens has been working in the fields of Branding, Corporate-, Information- & Editorial Design.
BETA Young Creative Lab — 2012-2012
The BETA Young Creative Lab is a place of research and development as well as a market-orientated company. The Lab explores creative techniques, experiments with new applications and improves utopistic ideas until they become innovative solutions.

The service: fresh ideas and unconventional solutions in graphic design, editorial design, illustration, interface design, motion graphics, animation design, product design, package design, screen design, spatial communication, text, public relations, web and social media conception.

Clemens was 1 of 20 creative freethinkers from different countries, and various design areas working together on multiple projects. They call themselves Young Creatives because they just attended their education, and lateral thinking is self-evident for them. For one year they are part of the team, receive a stipend and the possibility to work on their creative ideas, to test and to implement them. During their work on free experiments and commercial projects, the Young Creatives get support from coaches: experienced practitioners from the creative industries.
Josef und Maria Communications, Internship - 2009 & 2010
Josef und Maria Communications is a communication design agency where Clemens has been working in the fields of Branding, Corporate-, Information- & Editorial Design during two internships.


Brand Identities
Design Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Visual Identity Design
Image Language

Department Management
Design Thinking
Strategic Thinking & Planning

Digital Design
UX/UI Design
Design Systems
App Design
Digital Identities
E-commerce Design
Digital Product Design

Does Clemens Offer Consulting Services?
Yes, and they’re backed by years of expertise. Whether you need a complete design strategy overhaul or fine-tuning, Clemens brings valuable insights to the table.
What Can You Expect from His Public Speaking?
Anticipate a blend of extensive expertise and practical insights. Clemens tailors his talks to both inspire and educate, ensuring that each interaction offers valuable learning opportunities.
How to Initiate a Collaboration?
The lines are open. Reach out through LinkedIn, 𝕏 or email for an open, prompt dialogue about potential partnerships or projects.
How Does He Achieve Work-Life Balance?
For Clemens, family is a priority that enriches his professional life. He views personal happiness as a catalyst for professional creativity.
Any Advice for Up-and-Coming Designers?
Fuck your Ego. Move past your personal biases and design for the brief. Be proud of the outcome.
What Makes His Leadership Stand Out?
Clemens Posch aims to build a team-oriented and supportive work setting, focusing on individual growth. He is often steady under pressure and committed to achieving quality outcomes. With an approach that blends positivity and a sense of humor, he creates a workspace where everyone's input is valued. Clemens also offers mentorship in design and skill development, contributing to the overall team's success.
What's his morning routine like?
Clemens is an early riser who believes in getting focused work done in the morning. It sets the tone for the rest of his day.
What drives his approach to design?
Clemens combines his interests in science and tech to create designs that are both functional and impactful.
Did Clemens really start out in a band?
Yep, he played bass in a somewhat successful pop-punk band. It's where he first mixed creativity with tech, designing band merch and digital content.
Will anybody ever read this?
Gotcha. You can answer this one for yourself! ;)

Clemens Posch

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